Configuring a Sonicwall for AD-Integrated VPN Access

This article builds off of the previously written article on configuring a Sonicwall for Active Directory integration – you’ll need to follow those steps here before proceeding.

Once the Sonicwall is successfully connected to Active Directory, you’ll likely want one (or more) groups that will give VPN users access to the system. Simply create a group in Active Directory and add some users to it:

Once done, we’ll make the Sonicwall aware of the group by importing it. Log into your Sonicwall and navigate to the Users>Local Groups section. Click the Import from LDAP… button. The Sonicwall will load all groups within the containers you’ve configured it to look for them in and display them. Select the group you just created for your VPN users and click the Save selected button:

That user will now show up in the Local Groups list within the Sonicwall. Click the Edit… button for that group, and add whatever subnets you wish to allow VPN access to:

… and that’s it! Once the user starts their VPN client, they’ll authenticate with their normal Active Directory username and password and they’ll be granted access to whatever subnets you’ve specified.