Group Policy Printers #4098 on SBS2008 Machines

I’ve encountered this Group Policy Printers #4098 message numerous times in my career – they’ve been an annoyance to figure out. I like my event logs clean with as few errors as possible. It lets me focus on more important things – let’s face it, we all hate milling through event logs.

The error message in reference is:

Evt-GPOPrinter-4098For reference, the error message roughly states:

The user ‘NAME OF PRINTER’ preference item in the ‘GPO Object NAME {GUID}’ Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code ‘0x8007007b The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.’ This error was suppressed.

If I go into the GPO object, I indeed see the name of the printer and if I copy/paste the UNC of the printer into Start->Run, I can open the printer. I should mention that this is a local printer to the server – it’s being shared with the network. And against best practices, SBS throws all users into the same GPO, so my customer created a GPO Object for all of them – including the local administrator account.

Ultimately, what fixed this for me was changing the Action field for each printer from Create to Update. Underneith the scenes, it’s trying to modify a printer that’s being locally shared on this machine already, so it’s failing with Create – but it works perfectly upon every login when set to Update. After forcing a GPUPDATE on the machine, logging off/back on, and even rebooting, I do not see the message recurring (with the administrative account in that OU, or out).


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