Using LLDP-MED on HP V1920 Switches

I’m currently working a phone system cutover where the customer is using a VoIP system with LLDP-capable phones. Typically you would want to set up an LLDP policy where the phones read LLDP information from the switch to come up and tag their traffic on the correct VLAN.

The HP ProCurve 1920s CAN do this, but there’s some basic assumptions you aren’t told. Here’s how:

  1. First, you can check the current LLDP information sent by browsing to Network > LLDP, clicking the Port Setup tab and clicking on a port (see below Snippet #1). You’ll notice the MED information tab populates below and shows nothing for Media Policy Type, et. all.
  2. Go to Network > Voice VLAN, Click the Setup Tab and set Voice VLAN Security to Disabled
  3. Click the Port Setup tab. Change the Port Mode to Manual, Port State to Enabled, Voice VLAN ID = <Your VLAN>. Click the Select All button to apply it to all ports.
  4. Confirm on the next screen that all assignments succeeded.
  5. Click Network > LLDP and ensure LLDP Enable is set to Enable
  6. Under the Port Setup tab, click the same port as you did above and confirm the output now indicates a Media Policy Type and VLAN tag (see Snippet #2 below)

You may also want to do a sanity check and make sure the LLDP protocol is running properly on all ports (RX/TX mode) with all the necessary LLDP-MED trimmings turned on – it does this out of the box, so you’re probably good on this.

Snippet #1:

MED information
Media policy type : Unknown
Unknown Policy : Yes
VLAN tagged : No
Media policy VlanID : 0
Media policy L2 priority : 0
Media policy Dscp : 0

Snippet #2:

MED information
Media policy type : Voice
Unknown Policy : No
VLAN tagged : Yes
Media policy VlanID : 4
Media policy L2 priority : 6
Media policy Dscp : 46