Interface Statistics on a Sonicwall

I absolutely love the Sonicwall products as you might have guessed. One of my peeves is hearing that you can’t show interface statistics – you can see that and so much more! You just have to know where to look.

Just open up SSH Management access on any interface, then connect to it with an SSH client like PuTTY – look at all of the fun stuff you can show in this little IOS-like environment:

TZ 210> show
access-rules device nat syslog
address-group firmware netstat system
address-object gms network tech-support
alerts ha pp-stats timeout
all hw-stats processes tracelog
arp interface route tsr
ars language security-services vpn
baud log service wd-stats
buf-memzone log-categories service-groups web-management
build-info log-filters session zone
continuous mem-pools sonicpoint zones
cp-stats memory ssh
cpu memzone sslvpn
debug messages status

Can’t show interface statistics? I bet you’re wrong:

TZ 210> show interface statistics X1
Interface statistics for X1
 InDiscards : 0
 InNUcast : 2188
 InUcast : 2336686
 InOctets : 2673340832
 InErrs : 0
 OutDiscards : 24
 OutNUcast : 139
 OutUcast : 1608500
 OutOctets : 338528455
 OutErrs : 0
 InUnkProto : 0
 InMcast : 824
 InBcast : 1364
 OutMcast : 0
 OutBcast : 139

There’s show system to get basic system info, show device to get a quick and dirty summary of the configuration, show messages to see those little status messages when you log into the device, show log to see a list of administrative events, show vpn policy to dump the current VPN tunnel configurations, …