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Resetting ZixGateway VPM Password

I have a customer who utilizes a Zix appliance for their email. It looks like an interesting appliance. Unfortunately, it did not come with a known password for the web console.

I searched around for a reset procedure before calling their support. The reset process is pretty easy and seems pretty obvious if you’re familiar with initial setup procedures, so I’m going to share it here hoping to save someone time. This assumes you have the root password for console access to the device itself, if you do not have this I’d suggest calling their support – they’re pretty friendly people. It looks like it would be a simple Linux root password reset, but I’m not that familiar with the device.

Having said that, it’s simple. Log into the unit and run the zixconfig command:

Select the option to add/remove users:

And then add a user:

Why this isn’t on their website – I can’t say. Would probably save everyone some time.